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About Us

Hi I’m Jennifer! I’m married to Jonathan, and we have 3 amazing girls, Joanna, Joy and Jahlyn. We operate two small businesses out of our home while juggling the sports and social calendars of a family of 5. My business began in 2010 during the loss of our daughter Jordan. We were told she had a heart defect and would not be born alive. As I carried her, I began making various handmade things to help me process my grief. I found creativity to be very therapeutic and healing. Eventually, my hobby turned into a full-time job which allowed me to share Jordan’s story, helped us pay off debt and begin building a life we love to live!


The Shop

Jordan’s Gems began on my kitchen table with some wire and beads to make jewelry. Then, I bought a $70 sewing machine and started taking over the kitchen and living room with fabric and notions. Eventually, I shared a small back bedroom with my daughter’s crib on one side, and my growing craft supplies on the other. Three years ago, we bought our first home and converted the basement into a sewing shop that is far beyond my wildest dreams! 

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